Pitbull Zimba’s Journey From Maryland To Kansas

Zimba, a Pitbull, was wandering the street of Maryland when volunteers from the Caroline Humane Society found it. Fortunately, the dog had a microchip on it, and so the organization was able to track its home. Immediately, the volunteers contacted its owner from Wichita Kansas and learned the reason why Zimba had gone astray.

Zimba and its owner’s boyfriend had a road trip. While on the journey, the couple fought on the phone and eventually split up. Due to the ex-boyfriend’s anger, he abandoned the dog in Maryland and cut all communications with his ex-girlfriend.

The owner had been looking for Zimba ever since. When she knew of its rescue, she felt happy. She wanted to pick-up her dog, but she can’t do it because of her work and kids. Also, Maryland is 1000 miles away from Kansas.

Thanks to Zach Holt, a good citizen with an open heart for dogs. The guy’s girlfriend worked at the dog shelter. When she told him about Zimba’s story, Zach immediately offered to drive the dog home.

Fortunately, Zach’s work schedule permitted him to do so. He is a bartender who works during weekends and Mondays, and so he had plenty of time to get to Kansas and back. The two hopped into his car and drove off to Zimba’s owner.

Zach said Zimba was a great road companion. It slept most of the time while on the journey. They haven’t reached their destination yet. But, apparently, Zach and Zimba are having fun. The bartender does not ask anything in return. Despite it, Caroline County Humane Society is currently raising funds for his gas and toll expenses.

To donate or get updated on their whereabouts, you can check out the Caroline County Humane Society Facebook page!