Plastic Bags Are Transformed Into Useful Mats For The Homeless People

I want to survive on our own earth, we have to show some love for Mother Earth herself. There have been so many campaigns about banning the use of plastics. Other campaigns fight for plastics be disposed properly. It is just unending. People from around the globe try to come up with various campaigns and various ways on how to save Mother Earth.

Guess what, some high school students have a brilliant idea about reusing plastics in a creative way. It was not just something creative but they also got to help homeless people be beneficiaries of their creative projects about plastic wastes!

These smart kids got to think about using old plastic bags to weave huge sleeping mats good enough for a person to sleep comfortably. And the homeless people were so amazed and thankful about it.

In a report by the Earth Policy Institute, there are about one hundred billion plastic bags being used by many consumers annually. That would equal to one plastic bag for each consumer in a day!

Plastic is one of the biggest threats in the oceans. High school students hailing from Indiana, North Carolina, and Michigan seem to have a very creative idea about how to manage plastic bag wastes and turn them into something helpful to the community.

A certain Nancy Gablein happens to lead an Interact Club in a school in Pennsylvania. She has been leading student in their free class periods with learning how to make plastic yarn or what they call, “plarn”.

They simply twist and weave these plastics to make mats which are six feet in length. Now, these students provide such warmth to the people sleeping and living on the cold streets. Since these are all water-resistant, they also do not attract bugs to eat them up.

One mat can be made out of about five hundred to seven hundred plastic bags.

Let’s share this and learn to create something very useful to the needy community.

Image source: The Denver Post