Police Officer Surprises Hardworking Woman With Own Car

Jo Meade, a 54-year-old dishwasher at Cracker Barrel, has been braving through long travels to work every Sunday for the past eight years. On a single trip alone, she either pedals through a 4-mile road or rides three buses to Lansing. As a result, her journey to and from work takes more than 2 hours of biking or 4 hours of riding buses.

One hot summer day, Police Officer Trevor Arnold noticed Jo tiredly pedaling on her bike under the scorching heat of the sun. He learned that despite lacking other and more convenient modes of transportation, Jo still managed to get to Cracker Barrel every Sunday. Her boss even attested to her reliability and shared that Jo was also willing to fill in for others during her day off despite traveling for long hours.

Inspired by her dedication, Officer Trevor then decided to get a car for her by donating $1,000 from his pocket. He contacted a local dealership to inquire about his plan of buying a car for Jo. Soon enough, others heard of his kindness and started supporting his cause. Some donated insurance while others offered detailing. Collectively, they were able to gather enough money to purchase a red 2007 Kia Ford Taurus for Jo.

Jo previously planned to buy a car but admitted that she could not afford it. Her dream suddenly came to life with Officer Trevor’s initiative to reward her work ethic and be able to help her.

On a video posted on November 16, 2017, Jo Meade was seen riding Officer Trevor’s police car for what she thought to be an average free ride to her home. She wondered why they stopped at a local dealership. To her surprise, Officer Trevor, together with fellow police officers and other sponsors, presented to her a red car and changed her life forever.

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Middle Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Haydn Blackey