Police Offices Give Salute to Beloved Buddy as They Bid Goodbye

K-9 dogs or also referred to as police dogs are those canines (which k-9 was coined) that are taught to assist law-enforcers. They are tasked to hunt for bombs, drugs, search for missing people, locating evidence, and strike people that are aimed for the attack. Though they have duties like the policemen and other law enforcement people, these k-9 dogs are still the men’s best friends who are loyal, cuddly and loving to everyone.

It was a gloomy sight outside a New York veterinarian’s workplace as 20 New York Police Department officers file in to offer their last salutation and acknowledgment to a 4-year-old K9 officer named Angel, before putting her out of misery.

Angel was a bloodhound that was detected with cancer in August. Her owner, Manuel Orellana, described Angel as a trooper, tough, and a good dog, a great help in locating missing special children. She searched lawbreakers during her time as a public servant. Sure he was that Angel will be missed by many.

Angel worked and lived with Officer Orellana and even described her as his woman. Just the two of them, Angel was known in respect of Detective Rafael Ramos. He shot and murdered in 2014 while in their police mobile.

Manuel further stated how Angel always gets into trouble when she always gets eggplant or cucumber out of his orchard.

NYPD posted in their tweeter account their grief about the passing of Angel, the 4-year-old bloodhound, after a short duration of her trying to endure cancer. Angel was seen with her sister Liu Liu, who were both known in credit of heroes Detective Liu and Detective Ramos. They were terribly shot and murdered in December 2014. They have used the hashtags #NYPD ESU #K9 #RIP.

It was a very depressing situation that she has to be euthanized.  It has been an amazing journey for Angel and everyone is very proud of her. She has lived for the service of the people in New York and transformed their lives during her brief stay. She is now a real Angel guiding everyone.

Footage provided by WPIX New York