Poor Dog With Its Belongings Found At A Train Station After Being Left By Supposed New Owner

Heartless people are those who leave innocent animals just anywhere alone. Abandoning them without proper food or shelter or even a next family to live with. Dogs, like human beings, are also creatures with feelings.

Dogs also feel lonely when they are not with their humans.

With this story, a dog was found by the train station that was tied to some suitcase. Inside the suitcase were the favorite things of the dog itself.

Back in the new year of 2015, a Sharpei mix was seen on a train station in Scotland. The dog was alone. It was tied beside the suitcase that had some food, toy, bowl, and a pillow. The dog’s name was Kai and it seemed to have an eye ailment and was in need of proper medication.

Photos of Kai there just became viral and created some buzz across the globe. This dog was just fortunate that it had a microchip attached to it. It was traced back to an old owner of Kai but then he was saying that Kai was sold in the year 2013. Noone could actually who the new owner was anymore.

Someone left Kai alone at the station and it should be a new owner. But then some story came out later on saying that this person was a mother where she saw Kai was sold online. She was expecting a different dog and got this. The seller just ran away and left the dog with her. She did not want it and wanted to return but then he just flew away. This mother panicked as she had to take the last train back home to her daughter was having asthma. This lady said she did nothing wrong because she left it with the supplies it needed.

After this has gone viral, many people would want to adopt Kai. There was, fortunately, one lucky person who made it to be the top person who applied to be her new human.