Poor Man Without Home Surprised By 3 Teens With Bag Presents At Chick-Fil-A

Ryan cook and his friends were dining at Chick-fil-A restaurant when they saw a man who seemed to be homeless. The man was seated to a table near them. Eddie, this poor and homeless man was trying to count his little money to buy a decent meal. Still seemed he lacked some money.

The poor man has been carrying a worn-out Bible with him. He has it on the table with him, too, together with Jesus’ image.

The staff of the restaurant mentioned that this guy would frequent the place but never requested for some handouts. But he does, as long as it is his dog is concerned. Whenever this man would have a good deal of meals, he would prioritize his dog and feed him. He would also not forget to give him water all the time. He would always ensure his dog is in a good state and enough provisions in his capacity.

That night that these teenagers were dining there, a sudden turn for this poor man’s life happened.

The kids got gift cards for the man but instead, they had a bigger and better surprise for him. The boys still thought that it might not be enough for this man who deserved better. The kids left the place and went to another shop. When they got inside Dick’s Sporting Goods, the got him a new jacket, shirts, winter hat, and first aid kit. The boys spent $50 from their pockets while the shop itself donated an extra $20 for other items to be given to the man!

One of the boys, Ryan, began documenting the event with the use of his mobile phone. Eddie was still there inside the restaurant counting his money.

The poor man’s reaction to their goodness was recorded on the mobile video. Ryan shares it on Facebook saying that this is what it should be like to set an example to everyone else.

Everyone should learn kindness somewhere, somehow. Everyone just needs to help everyone else to make the world a much better place!