Pregnant Dog With Giant Belly Delivers Nine Pups

Natasha and Alicia are the happy owners of a 3-year-old Irish setter called Romy. Natasha, a certified vet from the West Midlands, was more than prepared when Romy got pregnant.

Natasha carried out an ultrasound on Romy around 4 weeks into the pregnancy. She and Alicia saw 8 or 9 pups inside the womb. It made good sense because the typical litter size for the Irish setter is 9.

Romy was an unskilled mom, so she was a bit unpredictable when the very first young puppy came out. Thankfully, Natasha and Alicia were by her side for the labor, which took a tiring 10 hours.

Out popped 9 healthy, starving, and cute pups. It was precisely what Romy’s owners anticipated. They were definitely stunned when a tenth pup showed up. Then, an eleventh. A twelfth.

View the video listed below, to discover exactly what occurred when Romy entered into labor. She shattered the stats of a typical litter.

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Image Credit: Karisah Kennels