Pregnant Mom Delivers Second Baby with Dwarfism

One British couple welcomed their first child back in 2014. This is no ordinary child. The child has two parents who have different cases of dwarfism. This makes the child considered to be a “double dwarf.” This child is Nathan Jr. and he’s the only double dwarf you can find in the United Kingdom.

Nathan Jr. is the product of Laura and Nathan Phillips. Having someone like Nathan Jr. is rare. It’s rare for a child to have two kinds of dwarfism at the same time. Such a medical phenomenon wasn’t possible but, it is now.

Since the arrival of Nathan Jr., the family of three got the name as “UK’s Shortest Family.” Despite the odds, Laura and Nathan managed to raise Nathan Jr. He’s growing to be quite the healthy, young boy he deserves to be.

Not long after, Laura and Nathan became pregnant again with their second child. But this time, they were quite uncertain if they would get a double dwarf child again.

Laura decided to deliver her second son via a C-section. She decided to have it on September 2018. This was when she delivered Jax.

Things appeared to be fine. But then, something startling came about. Nathan even wondered if their new light in their lives would stay lit up.

Because of the anesthesia administered into Laura, Jax came into the world tired. Jax couldn’t even breathe by himself. Jax needed special care as soon as he came out of his mom.

The medical team even had to resuscitate him. They also had to treat him for two conditions: jaundice and some infections. They thought Jax wouldn’t make it. But, Laura would go on to say that Jax is fine now.

The new baby proved to be a miracle as well. He only got achondroplasia, which his mother has.