Pregnant Mom Finds Out Adoptive Family Refused To Keep Her Baby

It’s never easy being a parent. Let alone becoming a single mother. When Christina Fischer learned that she was pregnant, she immediately knew that it will be hard for her to be able to provide for the baby. During the time when she was pregnant, she was homeless in Florida. Her situation was made even harder as the birth father is out of her life.But, being a mother who loved her child so much, Christina never lost hope. She went to a local adoption agency and asked for help. The agency promised her that they will help her find a really good family for the baby. So, together, they were able to choose a family just in Georgia. The family even had close communication with Christina throughout her days of pregnancy. At that time, everything just seemed perfect and fine.

According to Christina, nothing was wrong with her ultrasounds. Everything came back normal. However, when she gave birth to Abigail Lynn in 2016, something looked different with the baby. Little to her knowing, the baby had and was diagnosed with Treacher Collins syndrome.

Having the rare genetic condition meant that the baby had underdeveloped facial features and structure. Another danger of having Treacher Collins syndrome is that it can cause eye abnormalities and respiratory problems.

Despite the baby’s condition, Christina still thought that the baby was very beautiful. This was not the case however with the baby’s would-be adoptive mother. Upon learning and seeing the baby’s condition, she just cried and left the hospital.

That was the last time Christina ever heard from the family. The family that was supposed to adopt Abigail Lynn abandoned her. Christina did not let the situation crush her spirit. Instead, she took it as a sign. That perhaps the baby was destined to be under her care. She made a decision that she will do her best and take good care of the baby.

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