Pregnant Mom of Twins Went Missing After Going to the Bank

Amarit Kaur, 34 years old, left her home in Queens, New York, on Tuesday to go to the bank, but she did not manage to come home.

Amarit a mother of twins aged seven years old. She is also currently pregnant. PIX 11 News announced that when she did come to school to pick up her kids on Tuesday, the family of Amarit knew that there was something wrong going on.

Amarit’s husband then filed for a missing person’s report to the authorities as soon as he could. Unfortunately, there weren’t a great number of leads or clues as to where the soon-to-be mother of three children could be.

According to the investigation, she left her car parked near the bank where she also left her cell phone. The New York Daily News reports that she never returned for any of them that day. Now, these are already clear signs that Amarit is missing, and people should start thinking of ways to find her as soon as possible. It was a good move for her husband to immediately call the authorities for assistance.

It is definitely a scary thing to for a family to go through when the mother of the children is missing. Thankfully, this story will be having a happy ending. Amarit was found on Friday morning, wandering around Lower Manhattan.

Per checking, the mother was healthy and was not subjected to any kind of drug or toxins. However, for security and health purposes, she is still being checked at a local hospital.

Until now, no word or official announcement as to the real reason for the disappearance has been released. Fortunately, for Amarit’s family, they can sleep peacefully tonight.