Panda Mom Gets Into Labor, Then She Reveals Her Baby To The Keepers And They’re Moved To Tears

There are very few giant pandas are left in the world. According to the World Wildlife Foundation there are only 1864 giant pandas left.

A video recently got viral where a giant panda was found giving birth.  In order to make sure that giant pandas doesn’t go extinct, many efforts have been made by the World Wildlife Foundation and experts to breed these endangered species before they go extinct. Since pandas have difficulty giving birth in captivity these efforts has been increased.

An amazing event was witnessed at Paira Daiza Zoo in Belgium where the panda named Hao Hao gave birth to a miracle baby in the wee hours of the morning. This birth of the single baby was marked by an incredible and rare event.

The zoo was in the partnership with the experts from China in order to mate the mother panda. For two straight years they tried to mate Hao Hao and the other male panda Xing Hui. These efforts came to a success when Hao Hao got pregnant by using artificial insemination.

When the baby was brought to this world, Hao Hao nestled him in her furry arms protecting him form the rest of the world. After a while when she finally revealed it, it was found that it was a hairless cub who resembled a “little pink sausage” and weighed just about six oz.

The experts and the caretakers had been trying and making efforts to get Hao Hao impregnated. Seeing Hao Hao cradling and washing her baby the event got emotional as the staff and the caretakers who worked there best to achieve this started crying after seeing the first sight of Hao Hao and her baby together.

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