After Giving Birth To Puppies In Shelter, The Stray Dog Notices The Mark on The Ear Of The Puppy!

This is the case of cuteness combined with weirdness. Though seeing little puppies gives a feeling of cute explosion.

A two year dog, daisy was sheltered in by lollypop farm at the humane society of greater Rochester, New York. Daisy was pregnant and she delivered her little pups in her new temporary home. These little pups were very cute and ordinary like any other puppies but after some time passed by the people at the shelter realised that there was something special about this puppy named Lucy.

Lucy was clicked and her photographs were posted on the shelters website hoping for her to be adopted by a beautiful loving family as soon as possible.

Lollypop farm read a message on their website which was not to enquire about the black and white pup rather it was something eye opening for the people at the farm.

Ashley Zeh explains that Lucy’s picture was posted on the website for adoption but they were shocked to read a comment on Lucy’s photograph which was “oh, look she has another dog on her ear”

People working at the shelter never actually realised this strange thing about Lucy before it was pointed out by someone on Lucy’s picture.

Lucy was adopted and taken to her new sweet home and may be her unique ear was her shinning factor.

This video below was posted on 23rd February, 2017 where you can see Lucy’s shocking image of herself on her left ear.

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