The Pregnant Woman Gets Annoyed When She Finds A Note On parking Her Car in ‘Women With Child’ Spot!

Pregnancy is no walk in the park. It takes a toll on woman’s physique, makes for tender, swollen breasts, causes nausea, increased urination, fatigue and many other ‘side effects’. While it’s wonderful in its nature, for a woman is bringing another life to the planet, it comes with many obstacles and not all of them are physical.

There are many places offering additional ways to make the pregnant women comfortable, most notable being the special parking lot spaces for “women with child”.

Unfortunately, the sign’s name seems to leave enough room for (mis)interpretation to cause rather additional trouble than aid to the bearing women.

A stranger who’s stumbled upon a pregnant woman’s car parked in the “Women with child” spot believed that she was wrong to do so. He interpreted the sign as if it was reserved specifically for women who’ve already given birth and are with a small, born child already.

Certain in the rightness of his interpretation, he took it upon himself to educate and call out the pregnant lady who parked there for going ‘against the rules’ and abusing the privileges.



When the pregnant woman walked out of a market, she found a letter stuck on a windshield of her friend’s vehicle.

Flickr/ Patricio Suarez

Almost nine months pregnant, the anonymous woman and her friend decided to park at the Crest Food’s “women with child” spot.


Unaware of what was going outside while grocery shopping, the two returned to find a rude note calling them out on abusing the designated park spot’s privileges.

A man who’s also been shopping at the same market believed the sign meant that only women who’ve already given birth and are accompanied by small children are to use the spot.


As KOCO reports, the woman and her friend demanded to talk to the store’s manager right after seeing the note, offended by it.


The manager explained that the sign was put there to make shopping easier for women who are either pregnant or have a small child accompanying them.

As he told to KOCO, the sign was purposely worded in a way that could be interpreted differently so it can cover a wider specter of situations.

Babies ‘R Us

Babies ‘R Us have a similar sign that’s meant to work as an honor system and ease a pregnant woman’s trip to and from grocery store.

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