Psychologists Points Out to Christmas Music to Cause Stress

Stores tend to play Christmas songs very early to entice people to do an early Christmas shopping with decorations and gifts. It can start as soon as Halloween is done, too. It’s a common occurrence, and most people don’t mind. An English psychologist by the name of Linda Blair has something to say about it.

According to Linda, playing Christmas tunes very early can trigger stress and anxiety for some people. They associate the songs with hectic preparations, and the need to buy presents for their acquaintances.

This might be detrimental in its own way as it can affect the productivity of some people.

The need to do things too early is not a good thing, and this is what these songs are doing. Catering for people, planning events, and buying presents, basically everything that they have not done yet, will pop in their minds.

Christmas is a happy event, where family and friends get to celebrate. People will set up decorations and plan ahead too early when they hear the tunes being played. It’s a form of association that had been the result of years of practice.

This reaction varies of course. Some people associate it for a happy event, but others get worried with chores and plans.

Some people will wait till December to play these songs in their homes, but those who work in stores, they don’t have a choice. They seem to be the ones most affected by the stress, too.

Hopefully, there will be more studies regarding this effect, and maybe there will be a set time to start the songs in stores. Mental health is a growing concern nowadays, and increased stress to unmanageable levels is what everyone is avoiding.

For now, everyone wants to have happy holidays ahead.


Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Scott Smith