Quiet Girl Amazes Audience With Own Rendition Of Etta James’s Classic

On the 9th of December 2017, students and their parents gathered in a room had no idea they were in for a surprise.

Emma, a member of the choir, stood calmly in the center with a wireless microphone in her right hand. A blues song played in the background. As she was waiting for the intro to finish, she pulled back some strands of hair that fell and covered the side of her forehead.

The audience sat quietly on the steps behind her. Her classmates knew Emma as a quiet girl in class. Every soul in the room was anticipating for the moment Emma opened her mouth.

When the intro ended, Emma inhaled and let out her singing voice. She started off with a whisper and slowly climbed up the higher notes.

When she returned to the lower notes, her voice remained stable. Again, she hit the high notes effortlessly. The success of this performance is in the bag.

Once in a while, Emma breathed in and out so she would not lose her breath whenever she hit the high notes. She remained composed while belting out the lyrics of the song. The choir girl made singing look so simple.

The song reveals the feelings of a person who finally found love. She talks about how her lover changed her life. She speaks of blue skies, a realized dream, and a spellbound smile. Emma told this love story with her emotional rendition.

Emma’s peers had their eyes fixed on her. They did not want to miss one bit of her performance. They must have been taken with her version of Etta James’s classic song “At Last”; needless to say, her vocal prowess surprised and impressed everyone in the room.

The song was about to end. Emma took a deep breath then reached for that final high note. Cheers and applause filled the room. The timid choir girl brought the house down.