Rachel Ray’s Birthday Gift of 50 Puppies Has Her Squeal

Rachel Ray is a TV star and a celebrity chef. It’s hard to believe that this cheerful woman turned 50 a while ago.

Rachel Ray made a name for herself for being a popular talk show host. She has done a lot since she began being a TV star. She also does a lot to help out animals in need. This was a highlight on the 13th season premiere of her talk show.

It was August 25 when everyone celebrated Rachel’s birthday. Since she would hit the big 5-0, she wanted to do something very special. Her husband was there to join with the festivities. They remained the audience on the pet food she made.


In case you didn’t know, Rachel developed a pet food line called ‘Nutrish.’ It’s been out for 10 years now. Rachel made this pet food for her very pitbull, Isaboo. With this pet food, she has already donated $28 million through her very own charity, Rachel Rescue. This is a charity that focuses on providing help to at-risk animals.

Her husband wouldn’t be the only one to greet her. Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, and Emeril Lagasse came along to greet the birthday girl. They also came along with a big surprise. The three came in holding two adorable puppies in each hand. There was also a special announcement made.

In honor of Rachel, Northshore Animal League America rescued 50 puppies from Virginia.

Rachel was overwhelmed when the rest of the 50 puppies came onto the stage. She went on to say that nothing in the world would make every person there happier than to give the pups a loving home. She said that it would not only help the dogs live longer but also the humans as well.