Rapunzel, Showing Off Her Beautifully Grown Long Hair To Her Mother Who Tries To Measure Them.

Almost every girl is much passionate about her hair at one or another point of time and to have beautiful long hair is also a matter of pride for many girls. It is a very common phase for every girl of any age as the hair enhances their beauty. It may be inspired by the famous tale of Rapunzel for small little girls in their childhood, so little girls keep long hair.

Having beautiful and long hair is not at all an easy task. It is truly a matter of pain and also demands a lot of patience as it takes take for hair to grow long. Throughout the process of long hair, getting the knots is really painful and this is also a reason why many girls, getting tired of knots and pain, go for having shorter hair as it also doesn’t require much care and maintenance.

Even I had long hair but that phase ended the day I got some gum stuck to my beautifully grown long hair.

In India, there is a teenage girl who has become famous for her long beautiful hair like the Rapunzel. This girl has grown her hair for a long period of ten years and now her hair is six and a half feet long.  She grows her hair longer and longer but has to trim them at times when it becomes difficult in regular work and routine activities.

Her hair has just grown naturally without using any special products. It is just that sometimes her mother helps her by massaging oil into her hair daily and she also takes great care of her long hair and their beauty.

It is in the story of Rapunzel that she lets the prince get down by using her long hair as a ladder but here this girl does not do anything like that. She is highly concerned of her long hair.

Mothers are always highly concerned about their daughters. The mother of this girl also wishes that she grows her hair longer and longer in order to get more fame and earn great pride and happiness to both of them.

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