Responsible Young Men Establish Lawn Service to Help Community

It is common for people to look forward to their retirement or the time when they can relax and leave the challenging world of work.

Retirement time is the stage when people can already enjoy what they worked hard for and spend their time bonding with their grandchildren, perform gardening, and explore the world.

Some retirees need assistance.  Hence, they are placed in retirement centers. However, there are senior citizens who still choose to remain in their homes.

One female senior citizen who certainly did not want to leave her beloved abode is a 93-year-old elderly woman from Alabama.

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She may be in a nonagenarian but she still possesses considerable energy to completely manage on her own.

The retiree was unaware that two young men – best friends Terrence Stroy and Rodney Smith, Jr. – who lived in the same neighborhood have been closely observing her.

One morning, as the old woman was out to mow the grass in her front yard, the men took the opportunity to go to her.

Terrence and Rodney reckoned that it would be best for the elderly not to be cutting the grass by herself.

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Hence, they offered their helping hands to her. On Facebook, Terrence shared what he and his close friend did to help the 93-year-old retiree.

The elderly woman was very thankful for these two young men’s assistance.

Terrence and Rodney who are university students organized the Rising Men Lawn Care Service to help clear the lawns of the senior citizens, disabled, and single mothers in their community free of charge.

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Rodney shared that he realized that he needed to help these vulnerable members of the society. He also cited that the aim of their organization was not only to mow lawns for free.

They also desire to educate the youth to become productive young adults who know how to take responsibility to help others.

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Discover more about Rodney and Terrence’s community project below. They show that there are still people who would like to make positive changes in today’s challenging times.

Feel free to share this story to honor these two exceptional young men and other people who are helping the senior citizens and other members of their neighborhoods!