Restaurant Gives Free Food to the Rescue Team for Their Efforts

It was not easy for people who are living in Southern California this previous week as the residents really had a hard time facing unwanted happenings in the area. At first, there was a distressing shoot-out incident at a Bar in Thousand Oaks named Borderline Bar and Grill wherein 12 lives were claimed. Right after the shoot-out incident, a devastating wildfire came and ruined a lot of homes.

Such happenings are really hard to get over with but good thing a lot of people from different areas are very willing to extend their help. This restaurant from Westlake Village, California extended their help to the brave firefighters and responders who really did everything they can to save as much as they can. Now, that’s really a good thing to do.

The restaurant owner named CiCi instructed her team to open their restaurant’s door at around 6 o’clock in the morning to assist the responders and firefighters. They distributed free breakfast as a sign of their gratitude to the brave men and women at service.

As per KTLA’s reporter, seeing such a moment is very gratifying. As deputies, firefighters and responders come inside, people were cheering for them and clapping their hands to recognize all their efforts and dedication to helping those who are in need.

CiCi shard how important it is to acknowledge their efforts because they keep the people safe. They keep the property well-cared and they do their best to save a lot of lives from day to night. She shared as well that by sharing what they have, it’s her way to give thanks to them and it’s also their way to show support.

Firefighters, deputies, and responders surely appreciate CiCi and her restaurant team’s effort in organizing such kind action.

You’re an inspiration, Cici! Keep it up and hopefully, others will also find their way to extend their gratitude to the rescue team.