Customer Leaves Nasty Note About Playing Christmas Music And Restaurant Owner Hits Back

Nothing really gets you into the holiday spirit like hearing Christmas music!

But while it may bring wonderful feelings for some, there are others who would rather not hear Christmas music at all. Due to their religious beliefs, there are millions of people who don’t make the music part of their tradition.

One customer dining at a restaurant in Florida made it a point to let the restaurant’s owner know of his distaste for the Christmas music they were playing. The disgruntled left a harsh note saying he found the music offensive and suggested that they play music that is less religious based.

The angry customer started a debate among some people now, asking does he make a very valid point? Should the owner even consider his suggestion? Or does he have the right to play whatever type of music he wants to play in his own restaurant?

We’d like to hear your thoughts in comments.

Photo source: Facebook / Michael Lugo

Facebook / Michael Lugo

Restaurateur Michael Lugo was recently surprised to get a note from and upset customer regarding his choice of music.

Facebook / Michael Lugo

Since it was the middle of the Holidays, he decided his restaurant would play Christmas music.

Facebook / Michael Lugo

But the angry customer suggested that the music excludes certain religious groups.

Facebook / Michael Lugo

Facebook / Michael Lugo

Every since he posted the photo of the note, he has received lots of support from customers who wanted to chime in with their approval of his choice in music.

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