Dog Chooses his Owner Over Anything Else

Getting a dog is something that most individuals and families plan for before they take the next step of visiting the pet store or animal shelter to get this wonderful companion. It is something that is usually on the minds of the owner and an issue that is taken into consideration for a while before the final step is taken. Of course there are the few stories of those who come across a certain dog and simply fall in love with the companion, but this is not the case in most circumstances.

All in all, the main steps that are involved in bringing a dog into one’s family are mostly taken by the owner. That is to say, the owner will make the first move so to speak before the canine companion is able to join him/her/them. Sometimes however, a dog can decide to take the matter into their own hands by clearly expressing their desirable outcome. This is exactly what happened when one Olivia Sievers met Rubio, her canine companion.

Olivia operates as a flight attendant and is based in Germany. Needless to say, her profession takes her all over the world and one of these trips landed her in Buenos Aires, Brazil. While in the city she came across a stray dog that was hanging around the hotel she was staying at. Being a lover of animals she spent a little time with the dog, playing with him and feeding him in the process.

This routine was repeated whenever Olivia was in Buenos Aires and the two soon developed a close connection. Olivia found a family that adopted Rubio in Buenos Aires one day as she wanted to make sure the dog had a loving home when she was gone. But the dog had other views and he soon escaped and went back to the hotel where he would meet with Olivia. This left the flight attendant with no choice but to adopt the persistent dog and take him back home with her.