Santa Spotted at Walmart Buying Christmas Presents

This year, there have been numerous tragedies and heartbreaking stories shared by different people online. But despite all these, there are still a lot of individuals who try to do a small thing to help others.

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It is usually during the holidays and Christmas season when inspiring stories emerge amidst this chaotic world.

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Just like what Erica shared on her Twitter account about a Good Samaritan he met in a Walmart store.

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People, especially kids, look forward to the Christmas season because they would receive toys.

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Unfortunately, some children may not be excited this time of the year because they are sick and rarely receives gifts. Thankfully, there are people like the guy Erica met.

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She said that while she was lining up at Walmart, she can’t help but notice a guy with a cart full of stuffed toys.

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She then asked him why he has so many toys. The man replied that every Christmas he would dress up as Santa and go to different hospitals to give toys to children. He hopes that with this he can at least make some children happy.

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When Erica shared the guy’s story and his picture on Twitter, it was shared and liked several times. There are other individuals who also revealed their inspiring stories.

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To also do her part, she started to initiate a GoFundMe which aims to collect $1,500 to buy stuffed animals and other toys. These will also be given to sick children in hospitals.

Life may bring struggles, but there will always be people who are willing to go beyond to help those in need. A simple act of kindness may already mean a lot to others.

Twitter / @erica_lee123

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