School Divides Students According To Grades And Parents Disapprove

Hudson High School in Illinois has a newly implemented program to be put into reality on September 2017. The program mandates that students who are doing well in their academics will get a wristband, ID, and other perks that will solely be offered to them. These perks include being allowed to have their lunch outside of the school’s cafeteria and free entrance to different events with regard to sports. Meanwhile, students who are off-track are to take their lunch in the crowded, suffocating, and uncomfortable school cafeteria, and they are not allowed to leave the premises during lunch break. This is why a lot of students are found either sitting on the tables and floors or are simply taking their lunch while standing.

On the school’s defense, their goal is actually to encourage and provide motivation to the students for them to do their best in studying and constantly improve their academic performance so that they can also be eligible for the said perks that the on-track students have.

Somehow, this is not what happened. The students and parents have agreed that this program brought nothing but harm, further segregating the students according to their grades and separating them from each other. Students have given their testimonies that the said program did not motivate them in any way, but rather even caused them to be more distracted and divided from their peers.

Mandy Lohan, parent of an on-track child, also agreed that this program failed to meet its purpose, and that the school’s actions actually contradict their so-called purpose. The school administration said that they want to create family and unity amongst the members of the school community and yet they devise programs that create nothing but diversity.

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