Searchers Follow Crying Sound and Find Missing Baby Girl

Cases involving missing children is common not only in the US but around the world. While some are lucky enough to be found alive, there is still a handful who up until now are still missing and have been presumed dead. Lucky for one child in Savannah, Georgia, a group of cadets was quick to locate and save her.

Prior to Kamiyah Vicks’ disappearance, the 2-year-old girl was last seen in a stroller with her mother. Come morning, the mother, seemingly distressed, had reported that her daughter had simply vanished into thin air.

With the help of the authorities, a search and rescue operation was commenced. Hours into the search, authorities located Kamiyah’s stroller and her mother’s slippers at a nearby lake in the neighborhood. The items helped authorities narrow down the area that needed to be searched.

Apart from the aid of five safety departments, volunteers had helped out in an extensive effort to search for Kamiyah via land, sea, and air. However, it was a group of cadets in their second week of training who managed to find the 2-year-old child.

Pulled out from their class on report-writing, the cadets were instructed by their corporeal to join the search for Kamiyah. In two hours into their search in the Georgia forest, the cadets suddenly hear the cries and screams of a child.

Rushing to the sound of the cries, the cadets finally locate Kamiyah in a thick bush. Thankfully, she had no visible scrapes or wounds but was parched due to the extreme heat. Cameras strapped to the bodies of the cadets managed to capture the heart-stopping rescue.

Despite the child now in custody of authorities, the case is still currently under investigation.