Security Camera Caught Angelic Apparition: Illusion or Not?

Fire Chief Glen Thorman of East Jordan, Michigan received an email alert from his security camera with motion sensor technology after it detected unusual movement. In complete shock and awe, Glen opened the alert and stared back at the captured images of a strange white figure that appeared to be hovering and floating over his truck.

He couldn’t help but recognize it as a figure similar to that of an angel. Glen posted the snapshots online. He also showed the photos to his wife and their pastor. The said post gained a thousand shares, and it went viral.

Pastor Deneille Moes of Jordan Rivers Church replied through a text message to Glen that the figure was an angel. After seeing the image that Glen sent, he admitted that he freaked out. Having no doubts about the figure in the image, Deneille believed that it showed something supernatural.

The image displayed something supernatural, and Deneille had no doubts about it. On the contrary, photographer Joe Clark presented a different explanation to WPBN-TV.

Joe described the figure in the first photo as something that was definitely moth-shaped. He further said that you can kind of see what it looks like or could be interpreted as wings and head.

He added that the images were not focused, and with the figure that appeared in the images, it gave a room for interpretation.

Moreover, the Jordan Rivers Church posted the photos online and stated that the photo was not altered in any way. The Church further released a statement that the security camera was able to take a second photo wherein the angle was moving away already. This was legit as the camera was designed to take photos of anything that was in motion. It was truly amazing.s

Watch the video below and see it for yourself.