Sister Has No Idea About Hilarious Prank Set-Up By Brother

The time of Halloween has come, and it is a chance to unbound spookiest and wildest fantasies. A perfect time for those people who are exuberant and likes to play a prank on others. Usually, during Halloween, people wear costumes to scare people, but Jesse McLaren found a clever way to trick his sister.

Jesse is a digital media writer and is extremely good in using the camera. This is why Jesse’s sister requested him to do a prenuptial photoshoot with her husband-to-be.

After the pictures were taken, he was applying the finishing touches on the pictures to make it look more perfect. Suddenly, Jesse decided to prank his sister by adding a terrifying and unnecessary third party in the picture.

Left Thumbnail Photo: Facebook/Jesse Mclaren // Twitter/McJesse

Facebook/Jesse Mclaren


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He hid Pennywise (the evil clown of blockbuster horror film IT) on every photo using a software called Photoshop. He posted the pictures on his Twitter account, and it went viral. The people who saw the shared photos found it very hilarious, and they applauded Jesse’s editing skills.

In the caption, he says that he’s just waiting for his sister to notice the spine-chilling clown on the pictures that can only be seen by an observant eye. One could see in the pictures that the evil clown photobombs the engagement pics by popping like a mushroom, either among the trees or the turf near the lovely couple.










Unfortunately, Jesse’s sister doesn’t know anything about the prank that was set-up for her and her fiancé. Nonetheless, the horror theme wasn’t the only thing that caught the attention of people on Twitter, but also the gorgeous dress of Jesse’s sister. People tweeted their warm admiration for the happy couple and wished them the best.

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