Soldier On Vacation Brought Down A Bank Robber

An armed person decided to rob the Bank of America in Sarasota, Florida, on June 11. But what he didn’t realize was one customer inside the bank was not, at all, intimidated with his act.

The bank’s surveillance camera footage showed a 34-year-old man demanding cash from the four terrified bank tellers. Later, he was seen viciously pointing a gun to a father and his two young kids.

What this thief didn’t know is that the man guarding his children was Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples, a soldier who was on leave because his father-in-law was sick. Sgt. Peoples have been deployed five times and have faced different kinds of enemies.

The robber threatened and pointed his gun to the soldier’s two young sons, Ikaika and Kioni. That’s when Sgt. Peoples switched into a superhero mode.

He followed and pinned the robber’s car outside. When the robber got out and pointed the gun at him, Eddie quoted that the robber declared a battle with him.

What the soldier did next was nothing compared to what he used to do in a Middle East war zone.

Eddie used his knowledge and technique in responding to similar situations and brought the robber down to the ground. He told the robber not to move while he is clenching his neck. Then moments later, one of the deputy officers pulled over and arrested the robber.

Sgt. Peoples was given a hero’s thank you and awarded a certificate of recognition the following day because of his heroic act.

Sgt. Peoples told FOX News in Tampa Bay that he has been through five deployments, and that he already fought the Muqtada militia and everybody you can think of, so a weapon getting pointed at him doesn’t really bother him anymore.