Son Studies Mother’s Disease, Finds Out She’s Misdiagnosed

Debbie Montgomery hid a secret to her children. She does not want her worrying about it until well they had grown.

She had been diagnosed with dermatomyositis, a serious autoimmune disease that will cause her to need a wheelchair when she turns 40.

It is an understandable gesture, and her children had grown worry-free. She then confided in her son Turner. He was 15 at that time. It was a life-changing event that led him to become a competitive biomedical engineer.

He got a determination born out of the desire to help her mom. He also checked her medical records, and after a while, he saw something different in them.

The diagnosis is wrong. Turner is sure of it. He had studied the disease well, all for the day that he will be inventing something to save his mother. But the disease he was studying with his all was not the right one.

Debbie is being treated for the wrong disease all of these years, and it took a diligent college student to find out!

Turner loves his mom dearly. With his newfound discovery, he requested for a re-diagnosis and lo! Debbie is not sick with dermatomyositis, but with a form of muscular dystrophy. Her final verdict did not seem to change though. She will still be needing a wheelchair soon.

Turner invented an EMG machine that will help him monitor his mother’s brain waves to her muscles. It works by scanning electrical signals. It was meant to calculate for her muscular strength, as a way to aid in her treatment.

Debbie can’t be more proud of her son. He’s her treasure, and she will always be his loving mother.

Footage provided by WEWS Cleveland