Strange Stories From The Road: 11 Crazy Things People Have Seen While Driving

There are plenty of odd characters out there on the road. Each person is unique as an individual: give them a driving license and some of that uniqueness might resurface during their participation in the traffic. Whether you’re driving or riding shotgun, chances are you’ve seen some weird, fun or scary stuff happen while inside your vehicle.

As distracting as occurrences like these ones we’re reporting on are, it’s important that you keep your eyes on the road, to make the traffic safest place for yourself and others present. Personally, I’ve never been a part of something as unbelievable as these eleven stories – I mean, a sheep in a driver’s lap, what’s up with that?

People from whom we’ve received these reports haven’t been able to capture the moments they’ve written to us about, but we’re going to believe them on these ones.

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[H/T: Reddit]

Thumbnail sources: Pinterest / Lost In My 50′s

1. Baa Ba Bad

Flickr / Dani Mettler

“A guy was driving with sheep in his lap ” — Reddit user

2. Shadow Boxer

Flickr / U.S. Army

“When I was Trying to turn to a gas station, the road had been blocked by a guy who was dressed like a boxer with fancy shorts and with gloves. When I was trying to turn the guy started to box my car and so i scared and drove off.” — PlantfoodCuisinart

3. Bear Beholder

Wikimedia Commons

“When I was driving to my home one night, I thought that there was a guy in the road’s center, but it was actually a bear” — Unidan

4. Traffic Tickle

YouTube / Zim Killgore

“One of the motorcyclists grabbed my foot which was resting on side-view mirror. He then just glared at me before he took off.. this made me laugh” — andsoithought

5. Unexpected Turn

Flickr / Daniel R. Blume

“As a guy cut me off, I honked at him. I drove for around an hour and had completely forgotten. After about 70 miles, I stopped as I was hungry, when I was getting out, the car pulls behind my car and it was the dude who had cut me.

He offered to buy me lunch. ” — beefwich

6. Too Thrifty

Flickr / Hobbies on a Budget

“There was a lady with open newspaper on freeway she was busy and was clipping the coupons. ” — Reddit user

7. Horrible Hygiene

Flickr / Jason Turgeon

“I saw a guy who was doing at around 70 and was busy shaving using a regular razor. To get rid of the foam, he waved the razor out of the window.” — MyNameIsJohnDaker

8. Knee driver

Flickr / Mary T Moore

“A woman was driving using her knees as she was busy cross stitching.” — capoteismygod

9. Peeling Out

Flickr / bazzadarambler

“There was a guy who was talking on his phone and also busy peeling an orange” — BaronVonZipper

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