Stranger Donates $2000 to Oklahoma School in Honor of a Teacher

What would you do if a stranger walked into your office to give an envelope full of money, then left?

This happened to the workers of an elementary school in Luther, Oklahoma. They were surprised to find that the envelope had $2000.

Sheila Wilson, Principal of Luther Elementary School, was surprised at the amount of money given by the mystery man. The principal’s secretary who grew up in Luther was working when this stranger arrived in the principal’s office. Since she grew up in Luther, she knows almost everyone who lives in the town. However, she did not know who the mystery person was.

According to KFOR, the stranger gave the envelope to the secretary and told her that it was a gift. Also, she did not know who the man was and she was worried about what might be inside the envelope. She brought itto Principal Sheila’s office and opened it.

They were surprised when they saw two stacks of $100 bills in the envelope. Sheila also found a letter inside the envelope and read the message. According to the stranger, he gave a large sum of money in school to honor his kindergarten teacher, Lavina Bostwick. Bostwick was a Luther Elementary School teacher for 35 years until she died last year.

Sheila and her secretary tried to find out the identity of the mysterious man,but they failed. The only thing they know was, the donor is a local pastor.

Watch the video to know more about the message of the stranger through the letter and his request regarding his donation. Also, do not forget to share this story on your social media account. Who knows? We can help them find this mystery man and thank him for his generosity.

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City