Strangers Helped a Bullied Boy to be Able to Walk Alone From School

It was just another day for 11-year-old Mateus Romualdo. The young boy was walking home from Viewmont Elementary School, when something inconceivable happened to him.

Teenagers riding a car passed him as he was walking home. It would have been alright, but then, the teenagers caught a glimpse of him. Just one look and they started to yell racial insults at him.

The verbal abuses were so severe that Mateus thought the cruel teenagers would shoot him at any moment. It terrified the poor boy.

As soon as he reached home, he called his mother Heather and told her what happened. Heather was so troubled and terrified that the incident made her share what happened to her son on Facebook.

Heather’s act did not turn out to be futile. Instead, it got their community’s attention and even went viral. The story came to the knowledge of Troy Harlan, the youth basketball coach of Mateus.

When he was interviewed by KSTU, Troy said that he knows how Mateus was feeling and how scared the boy was since he went through it all. In their entire school, Troy was one of two black students. Imagine how it felt like for someone so young.

Because of what happened to the young lad, Troy devised a plan to make sure that Mateus will get home from school safely and worry-free.

The video below shows Troy’s plan in action.  Lots of people showed their support for Mateus. Thanks to Coach Troy Harlan, Mateus will now get home without being scared or terrified.

It will be nice to share the story on Facebook, show others how people can help one another, and encourage solidarity in times of other’s need.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City