Anorexic Woman Saved From Death By Concerned Strangers

Lauryn Lax lives in Nashville and enjoyed getting her workouts in at the local YMCA. Not many people knew her at the gym but they could see that she was losing weight very rapidly.

The kind of weight loss the others were seeing wasn’t the kind that is celebrated, however. It was the kind that leads to concern for the individual.

You could see that her body was deteriorating, said one gym member.

Another noted that her eyes appeared to be sinking in and getting gray.

A lot of people witnessing a situation such as this one might have stood by and done nothing, but the patrons got together and quietly contacted Lax’s parents about their concerns.

What they found out is Lax was in an ongoing battle with anorexia.

The group of concerned patrons determined that they would intervene. One day when Lax arrived at the YMCA they cornered her and insisted that she allow herself to be taken for treatment. It took some convincing but she finally agreed.

Once at the hospital, it was discovered that her vitals were dangerously low and her weight was down almost 80 lbs. Doctors told them that had they not done what they did Lax would have died.

Now Lax is healthy and helps others who struggle with eating disorders.

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