Strangers Believe This Dad Is Putting His Baby Daughter In Danger

You unexpectedly end up being mindful of all the scenarios that can seriously damage him or her when you have a kid. You prevent any circumstance that might show to be precarious, perhaps even eliminating some things from your the home to make it more secure for a child.

If this holds true, it appears like papa Stephen Crowley isn’t really being extremely cautious, however, in reality, it’s rather the opposite.

The designer is the dad to an 18-month-old infant named Hannah, who was detected with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. As an outcome, she spent her very first 6 months in the hospital, going through chemotherapy.

A bone marrow transplant ultimately saved her life. It originated from a complete stranger in Germany among the 3 individuals considered an appropriate match for Hannah, from the 27 million donors worldwide.

To raise awareness for this illness and to motivate individuals to contribute bone marrow, Stephen has been publishing photoshopped pictures of his child in unsafe scenarios. The little one is seen in all types of stressful scenarios, like climbing a ladder on her own or sitting by a range and holding up a knife.

Stephen is clear that these pictures are phony, and that he’s developing them to get individuals’ attention. It’s absolutely working!

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Photo Source: Instagram / Stephen Crowley