Students Buy Their Lunches but Find a Message Left With Bananas

Stacey Truman is a cafeteria lady at Kingston Elementary School. She’s been the cafeteria lady to kids for nine years now. She’s watched so many kids line up to get her lunches and seen them grow up. She’s dedicated to being the best lunch lady for these kids that she even remembers their names. She does what she can to put a smile onto these kids’ faces.

She knew she can do better than that. So, she did something special. She remembered that her own kids liked to write notes on the bananas they have at home. Stacey brought that idea over to school.

She took out a Sharpie pen and wrote down messages of encouragement for the kids to see. She calls them “talking bananas.” Some of them had simple phrases on them like, “just breathe,” or “You are enough.” Other messages can also be around the lines of being happy about the way you are and sharing that happiness. The students loved seeing the talking bananas.

Soon, it wouldn’t be only them who would love these motivational fruits. When the principal came in and saw the talking bananas, she snapped a photo of them. The principal posted the bananas over on Twitter which turned into a viral hit. Parents from around the country now want to send talking bananas to their kids.

The grade school kids Stacey served rejoiced upon seeing a local news crew come in after their lunch. They came to Kingston Elementary to reward Stacey for her talking banana idea. They came to reward her a ‘People Taking Action’ award. They also came to give her a $300 gift card.

This left Stacey speechless. She never expected any of this were to happen. Remember that a random act of kindness can go a long way.

Footage provided by WTKR Norfolk