Teacher Chooses Simple Life and Offer Golds After Her Death

Genevieve Via Cava was a teacher who indeed made a difference, not only for her students but her colleagues as well.

Genevieve worked as a special education teacher in Dumont, New Jersey for 45 years. She was known for living a simple life, so simple that she just wore a couple of clothes in the entire course of her teaching career. Genevieve was also an avid fan of clipping coupons and people never saw her buy any expensive items.

But despite her low-profile character, one thing is overwhelming for Genevieve- her love for children. Teaching children and influencing their lives made Genevieve feel like the wealthiest person on earth. Genevieve’s passion for teaching was beyond any doubt. In fact, after her retirement, she still opted to visit the school and talked to children and her former co-teachers.

Genevieve died on October 2011 at the age of 88. But even if the earthly presence of Genevieve has come to an end, her legacy continued to touch everyone’s heart.

Just a few weeks after Genevieve’s death, an estate attorney visited the school to reveal a grand secret. The attorney informed the school board that Genevieve had left a $1,000,000  cash donation to ensure the bright future of the students. This revelation made the superintendent forget his senses for a while. Never in their wildest dream that a simple teacher will give such a tremendous amount of money.

Aside from the school,  Genevieve also gave financial support to the Salvation Army, New Jersey Animal Center, and a hearing center.

Indeed, Genevieve is not just an ordinary teacher. She is more like a loving mother who is willing to endure the pain to ensure the comfort of her children.