Teen and 53-Year-Old Man Fought for Their Love Against Odds

Many people say that “Love is all that matters.” Many people are fighting their right to love whoever they love. Thus, you can see the LGBT community trying their best to make the world accept them and their love for one another. Now, if two people with huge age gap are in love with one another, will the world accept and recognize their love?

Michaela Matson is a 19-year-old lady from Omaha, Nebraska. Her fiancé is William Maldera, a 53-year-old man from Alberta, Canada.

According to Michaela, their connection started when she liked a handsome photo of William. Ever since the two started chatting on a regular basis.

Being from different countries, it was not easy for the couple to meet up.

Michaela planned to visit William in Canada without letting her parents know and just by leaving a note. Nonetheless, William did not like this idea. He asked Michaela to tell her parents about the plan.

Soon after she told her parents about the plan, her parents instructed her to end her relationship with William. They also took her passport to prevent her from flying to Canada. They also sent her to see a psychologist.

Despite the encouragement of her parents and psychologist to end things with William, Michaela saved up for a new passport instead and flew to Canada to meet his man.

According to her, the first time they met, he felt home with him.

She also said that a few months ago, William asked her to be his wife and that she accepted the proposal.

She said there were times when people mistook her for his daughter and that they just laugh it off.

Michaela said that they are really happy together and that they can’t wait to get married to each other.