An App Created by a Teen Raises Concern to Corrupted Politicians

The financial cost of running a successful political campaign can really dig deep into one’s pocket. Since some politicians are born from a poor background, they tend to be more inventive in sourcing funds for their political ambitions. Most times, how they get funding and questions on their political integrity. This is true because a higher percentage of their funds which comes from unrecognized sources really affect policy. We are grateful to the young innovator. We can now take a sigh of relief for the internet has made things better in fundraising.

Facebook / Nick Rubin

The app helps the readers to see who is funding the political campaigns of everyone and where the money is coming from.


The U.S was founded to serve the people, but not the big industries. But yet, it seems like we are moving far away from the vision of the Founder.

Once you install the free app, by simply browsing through any politician’s name will give you all the information of their campaign finances.

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You can get similar information not just from news sites, but also from sites like Reddit.

Greenhouse App

The Greenhouse app is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


To get more information on political financing, you can follow the Greenhouse on Twitter or visit the official website to download the app.

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