Teen Finds Himself Missing For 12 Years When He Applied For College

In August 2002 in Alabama, a boy was reported missing from a home. The then 5-year-old Julian Hernandez was taken by his father after he left their home, according to Julian’s mother. After 12 years, Julian continued living with his biological father in Ohio. He was a normal boy, happy and healthy. However, his father assumed a different identity for him and completely changed his name. Julian’s poor mother never gave up hoping she would still find her son. Hundreds of tips came, but none of them led her to her long-lost child.

When Julian turned 18 and applied for college, he started filling out his college application forms. He noticed that his social security number did not match his name, not even his whole identity. That was when the startling truth started to unravel.

He was completely baffled because his personal information looked so messed up. He sought the help of a school guidance counselor to help him sort things out. The counselor then discovered that Julian has been listed as a missing person by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. That was when he started to piece out together the information. Finally, he figured that his own father had abducted him.

They reported to the police, and authorities were pleased to tell Julian’s mother that he is well and alive. Despite all of the fiasco, Julian forgave his father. He would not be going to prison anytime soon. Julian says that growing up without knowing her mother was painful. Taking his father away from him would also leave him the same scar.

Watch the heartfelt video below and see how Julian saves his father from imprisonment by forgiving his father’s mistake.

Footage provided by WEWS Cleveland