Teen Graduate Surprised By Her Soldier Brother’s Attendance

Graduation is one of the most important parts of one’s life, especially now that it depicts that you were able to pass through the difficult phase of building your skills. Regardless of whether a child is graduating from a nursery or a woman has finished her Ph.D. at a well-known university, the event will always be special to families. Apparently, it is an end that opens a new beginning.

As expected, you have also remembered the time you graduated. After many years of taking exams, attending lectures, going to school with your friends, and achieving various awards, it will definitely be thrilling to know that you are successful with the journey.

Although your family may be complete during your special day, there are ones who are longing to have their loved ones present in their graduation. For instance, some people do not get to have their families around since their relatives are in the military. However, when a surprise attendance happens, it is definitely a great memory to keep.

This is what happened to a teen graduate, who did not anticipate that her soldier brother will be attending her special day. The man in the story is named Derrick Thomas. He decided that he will make her sister’s high school graduation more special with his return to home.

If you check out the video below, you will see Derrick sneaking up behind his sister, Daliyah, who is graduating from Klein Collins High School. The video clearly shows that she is not aware that her brother is standing nearby.

As Dalliyah is posing for a photo, she had a vague indication that Derrick was there. As she turned around, she screams with delight and jumps into her brother’s arms.

The inspiring story implies that the greatest gift do not always have to be material things.