Teen Posing For Graduation Photo Has No Idea Her Soldier Brother Is Standing Behind Her

Graduation is a unique season, whether the brand-new graduate is leaving nursery school, high school, or college. It’s a turning point that commemorates a person’s achievements, and it introduces a brand-new phase of life.

I remember my high school graduation extremely well. After numerous years of education, my parents were delighted that I would be taking the next step and going to college. It was as much an achievement for them as it was for me.

It’s a good time to bring loved ones together, particularly if they live far. Some households with members in the military do not get to see their loved ones when they desire to, so their arrival makes for a fantastic surprise.

In the clip listed below, the soldier, Derrick Thomas, slips up behind his sibling Aaliyah at her graduation from Klein Collins High School. She has no idea he’s standing right there, however as she’s posing for an image, she sees his face and right away reverses. She squeals and leaps into his arms, relieved and delighted that he’s home.

Exactly what a fantastic present. Derrick has excellent timing.

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