Teenage Girl Gone Missing Escapes From “Month-Long Nightmare”

A man was standing outside his farm because he accidentally forgot something back at his house. He may have found what he was looking for and that might have been all there was to that, but there was something amiss. Somewhere in the distance, he saw a gloomy figure that he couldn’t make out, so he decided to get a closer look.

When he got out of his truck and approached the figure, it wasn’t just a deer that had made its way into his property like he might have thought. It was a frightened teenage girl running towards his truck! At this point he knew something was not right and immediately came to her aid.

He brought her to a nearby deputy’s car and the clues fell in place – the girl was abducted the previous month and escaped all by herself. Her name was Jasmine Block and was reported to be missing 28 days prior. They learned that she was lured into the car of a family acquaintance.  That family acquaintance took her to his house where he and two of his friends abused her.

Luckily, the girl noticed the nearby car that was headed their way and pointed out to the deputy that it was the man responsible for her abduction. All three arrests were eventually made to the three suspects. All three men have since been charged, fined, and will be facing the full extent of the law for what they have allegedly done.

The girl stated that she was kept inside a foreclosed home and thought that they would kill her, until an opportunity came for her to escape when she was left alone. She used this opportunity to escape immediately, working her way out of the house and swimming across the lake that kept her from outside help. A true horror story like this usually ends badly, but this time, the family and victim are blessed to be reunited.

Jasmine Block hopes to recover from this traumatic experience. Her quick thinking and strength showed when she needed it most.