6 Negative Pregnancy Tests And Teen Still Insists She’s Pregnant With Child of God

One mom has had about all she can stand from her 19-year-old daughter. Her daughter, Haley, has been insisting she’s pregnant with, get this, baby Jesus.

Each of the 6 pregnancy tests she has taken has come back negative. Kristin has even gone the extra step of taking her daughter to a clinic for testing and those also were negative. Despite all this, Haley still insists she’s pregnant with the child of God.

“I know this is real. I’ve even gained 22 pounds,” Haley said. She then went on to explain that she can feel the baby in her stomach.

However, Kristi thinks her daughter is just a compulsive liar. She says Haley has also lied repeatedly about being a contestant on American Idol, and on top of that she claims Eminem is her father.

“My friends, my family, the people at church, none of them believe me,” Haley said. “It’s Jesus, I know it.”

Haley went on the Dr. Phil Show just to try to set things straight. She even got and ultrasound by Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors and he concluded there was no baby there. Dr. Stork suggested that the movement she believes she felt was likely a condition with her bowels. But she was definitely not pregnant.

Upon hearing Dr. Stork’s report Haley refused to believe him and cursed him out. There is a ray of hope for the teenager: through all the commotion it came out that Haley was the victim of an abusive childhood. She has never had any treatment at all in that regard.

Dr. Phil was so touched by Haley that he provided her a psychologist so she now has the help she needs to help her overcome her past.

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