Teen Who’s Dad Died 2 Years Ago Is Escorted To Her Prom By A Line Of Cop Cars

It was December 2014, when Officer Charlie Kondak was killed in the line of duty, the whole community of Tarpon Springs, Florida was horrified.

Officer Kondak was forty-five years old at the time and had been a police officer for seventeen years, and leaves behind his wife along with their six children. All of whom were understandably heartbroken.

A few years went by, and his daughter Aleena was preparing to go to her prom at River Ridge High School. It’s every father’s fantasy to witness his daughter in an evening gown and get pictures with her on her huge night, and it’s a dream of a girl as well. However, Aleena would not have the chance to experience sharing the joy of this moment with her father.

That is why Aleena’s mother, developed a remarkable strategy and kept secret right up until the night of her prom.

Without letting Aleena know what she was up to, Teresa quietly spoke with several officers from the Police Department. These officers were her late husband’s sisters and brothers in arms. The plan was that they would surprise Aleena as soon as she stepped out of the car for prom, and form a line for her.

What the officers did is simply amazing.

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