Teens Regret Stealing A Motorbike After Social Media Post

It is true that there are lots of things that can take place within 24 hours. This is the reason why most people say that one should be ready for anything, even regarding strife and death. One of the individuals who had a terrible day is Bobby Dumaresq when he discovers that his son’s motorcycle was lost.

Apparently, he does not know what to do to avoid his son from getting anxious over the situation. It is fortunate that his girlfriend, Mel Flesher, is willing to help him overcome his problem. As a solution, the woman decided to share news about the missing motorbike on Facebook.

If you check out the video, which was posted on August 4, 2017, you will be able to find various images of Bobby’s son’s motorbike. The photos even include the teen sitting on his motorcycle. Mel also wanted to show how glad the father-son duo was when using the motorcycle. She requested help from anyone who read the post, who may have spotted the missing vehicle as well.

Mel’s post did not only circulate within her circle. It turns out, the motorcycle was stolen. When the post was advertised, they were surprised when the next day; the thieves returned it outside Bobby’s home. What makes the situation amusing is that the people who stole the motorbike actually added extras to the vehicle. For instance, the motorcycle now has a full tank of gas, brand-new lock, and to everyone’s surprise, the found an apology note in the back tire.

The teens regretted that they took the bike. They ended the message with: “We wish you two the best in your journey riding and hope you both can find it in your hearts to forgive us. Ride on little man, you deserve it!”

The story is definitely a must-share, showing that compassion is always present to everyone. Plus, mistakes can be corrected if you want to.


Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Mel Flesher