Ten Things You May Not Know About Valuable Personality Betty White

You think you already know everything about Betty White? Well here are some things that you might just know about her. Even some or most fans actually do not know about these.

Betty White is everyone’s favorite grandma being a very famous television icon in the US. As much as she had been to many grandmother roles, she herself does not have even a single biological child of her own in real life.

Everyone knows her from around the globe too. She is very exceptional for her roles for a very long time. She is just undeniably a lovable figure for a grandmother.

At the old age of ninety-six, Betty White seems to be not showing signs of slowing down in her system. She is such a strong woman.

Aside from being successful in her own field, she also supports with a great love for animals. She is an animal rights activist.

So here are some facts that you might want to take note of the ever famous Betty White:

Photos: Wikimedia Commons / Angela George; Wikimedia Commons / Ogunquit Playhouse

  1. She has a career that holds the longest record of being a television personality for a female icon.

Wikimedia Commons / CBS Television

2. An Easter bunny was used to propose to Betty White by Mr. Allen Ludden.

Wikimedia Commons / Ogunquit Playhouse

Just a quick trivia, the two have fallen in love for each other while they were both working on a project called Cap Cod straw hot circuit.

3. This woman is worth a fortune at $45 Million!

Wikimedia Commons / Photo By Alan Ligh

4. On the original plan, she was supposed to play the role of Blanche.

Wikimedia Commons / CBS Television

5. She actually almost made it to ‘As Good As It Gets’. That was because she was an animal rights activist and she did not seem to like Jack Nicholson’s role where he tossed a little dog in garbage.

Wikimedia Commons / Angela George

6. She is in the Television Academy Hall Of Fame.

Flickr / Photo By Alan Light

7. Betty White is simply into junk food.


8. She is tagged to be the ‘Luckiest Old Broad Alive’

Wikimedia Commons / Rossrs / Betty White Show

9. She has had academic studies in the field of theater being a dramatic soprano.

Wikimedia Commons / CB Television

10. She is obviously the oldest person who hosts Saturday Night Live.

Wikimedia Commons / Angela George