Terrified Parents Witness SUV Crash While Son Is Strapped In Car

A pair of good Samaritans who checked on a jackknifed truck driver needed assistance when their SUV was slammed into with their two-year-old son in the vehicle.As reported by KDVR Denver, the pair, Jeff and Krysten Fogg, had their two-year-old son Hudson strapped into his car seat while they were driving off the highway on a Monday afternoon. The couple was following a huge semi-automatic truck.

All of a sudden, an odd thing happened to the truck, it started slowing down and rolling backward. At some point, the truck jackknifed. The Foggs pulled up by the vehicle to check on the driver, while another bystander of the incident attempted to find out what happened.

As they administered CPR, Krysten Fogg dialed for 911, and when the dispatcher ordered Krysten to check on the driver herself, things went awry. A pickup truck that was speeding along the highway ran into an ambulance, which then smashed into the Fogg’s SUV.

The shocked pair watched as their vehicle spun away, while their son Hudson was still strapped in it.  As soon as they saw the SUV rolling off, Jeff Foggs ran toward it, fearing for the life of his son.

By some kind of miracle, Hudson Fogg was okay. According to Jeff the toddler seemed more worried about glass getting into his Pringles than their car getting totaled on the side of the road.

Jeff and Krysten Fogg want to use this as a warning to not speed and to keep your eyes on the road, especially when navigating through an area where there was an accident. They hope that this makes people realize what speeding can do and how it can be harmful to people in the area.


Footage and photos provided by KDVR Denver