The Benefit of Letting Your Dog Sleep With You in the Bedroom

How do you feel about letting your dog sleep in bed with you?

People have different perspectives when it comes to letting their dog sleep on their bed. Some allow their pets to do so while others are not so fond of the idea.

Some dog owners let their dogs stay in their bed as long as they are not yet trying to sleep. As soon as they want to have some shut-eye, it is time for the dogs to hit the couch or jump on their own bed, whichever they find comfortable.

As much as dog owners want their dog to stay with them on the bed while they sleep, this is a very uncomfortable experience as the dogs tend to take most of the space and tend to move around all night.

But a recent study shows a different perspective on this matter. In a research made by Mayo Clinic, 40 adults in good physical shape and their pet dogs in a span of five months were examined. The dogs and their owners were both equipped with high-tech activity trackers. The device kept track of their sleeping habits.

As the result of the study shows, people with dogs in their bedrooms were able to sleep better. But the thing is that they should be above the covers rather than under it. The study also showed that dog owners who let their dogs sleep under the covers did not sleep as well as the others.

This is a good tip for dog owners out there. They might consider letting their dog sleep with them in the bedroom to get a good night’s sleep.

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Thumbnail Photo: Pexels / Adrianna Calvo