The Cop Kneels In The Street At Dawn So As To Comfort 2 Abandoned Scared Pit Bulls!!

Patrick Hennessey headed for Orange County, FL for his job around 4:30 a.m., when it was still not dawn.

Thinking it to be one of the usual mornings, he was driving normally when he noticed something unusual. Seeing some weird shapes grovelling amidst the street, he was stunned and reduced the speed of his car. He found them to be two pit bulls, out of both, one was seriously wounded and the other was sitting beside him unmoved. The other was in no mood of leaving the injured mate.

As situation got clear, Hennessey rang the police department. Officers Deputy Reed & Deputy Boggs immediately arrived at the situation from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Seeing the officers, the pit bulls were definitely anxious but as they were approached tenderly, the dogs appeared to be quite.

Often people confuse pit bulls to be intrinsically fierce because of their dubious characteristics. Because of people’s myths, they are ignored, tortured or are subjected to fight till death, whereas humans would bid on which shall win. People have always abandoned them, given these characteristics.

However on reality, they are complete opposite. They are totally friendly and can be companions to almost anybody, even a chicken for that sake. People who are close to this animal can well verify the statement.

The puppies were delicately drove to a secured place by the officers off the street.

The pit bulls cuddled to each other after they were satisfied that the officers are there to offer assistance. After a frightening night, they looked at each other, searching for a little solace.

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Facebook / Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

At 4:30 am, Deputy Reed & Deputy Boggs landed in Orange County, FL, where they were shocked to see the scene. Two deserted pit bulls were scared and shaking in fear in the middle of the road.

A man who was heading for his work saw the animals, out of which one was severely wounded, instantly called police for assistance. One of the pitbulls was hurt badly and was bleeding profusely from its leg.

Facebook / Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

The dogs were in need of some immediate and urgent help. Deputies were too glad to assist as they rescued the pit bulls and moved them away from the street.

It was difficult to guess, what had happened to them but definitely it was too much to bear. The dogs were so relieved that they leaned against the officers and snuggled them.

Facebook / Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

To stop the blood outflow, officers immediately wrapped gauze bandages to the harmed pit bull’s leg.

It was quite evident that they were deliberately relinquished because they had collars around their neck.

Facebook / Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Representatives Reed and Boggs remained with the pit bulls until Orange County Animal Services arrived. The dogs were taken to a local shelter where they were taken care of, looked at, tidied up, and offered time to rest.

Facebook / Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

People who owns pit bulls are very well aware of the worst circumstances that these animals suffer through. They were highly pleased when they saw the rescue operation.

Facebook / Orange County Animal Services

The dogs are keeping perfect today and are in search for homes that will adopt them.

The staffs at shelter home have named both female dogs as Liberty and Justice. They are termed as companionable, adorable and cute.

You can see a greater amount of what Orange County Animal Services does on their site and Facebook, and consider giving to ensure pups like Liberty and Justice get the care they require.

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