The Father Is Left Stunned When He Reads One Page Of The Book His Daughter Had Got From School! This Is Just Insane!

The daughter of Travis Vanhoy was given an adult novel named Real Live Boyfriends from the school library. The family stays in Kernersville, NC and the eleven-year girl is in 6th standard at East Forsyth Middle School. The father was shocked at what his child was reading.

In a conversation with Fox 8, he says, “my daughter could not understand what was written. She came to me and when I read it, I was speechless”.

If you don’t believe here is an excerpt from that book which is on page 101: which said that if you do not like me so much then why are you grabbing my breast.. but, it feels really nice..

For him, it was too lewd and vulgar for a child aged eleven. He was more furious when he knew it was not only his daughter, but other friends of hers have read it too.

Travis adds, “It is like teaching her that any untoward advances from a male should be fine with her”.

The filthy description continues further elaborating how a girl is touched on her most private parts.

The angry dad tells, “It is we teaching them how to behave when this happens to you and one should not feel bad for this.”

When the chief of staff, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, Mr. Theo Helm was asked for his opinion on this, he was very calm about the book. He explains it is a best-seller book and besides few erotic descriptions, the book has an overall good message.

In a response, Vanhoy says, “As a person in education system, if they cannot see the difference between moral and immoral, it is better they quit.”

As a parent are you aware of what your kids read. Do let us know your thoughts in comments.

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