The Foster Kid Is Just Too Old To Get Adopted, So She Posts An Ad To Get Family On Rent.

By chance, if you happened to search out or come across  Natalie Carson’s Craigslist ad, there is a greater probability that you will consider it to be a fun post.

Natalie, a  19-year-old, had posted an ad asking for a family on rent in Colorado and while it sounds weird, you will be compassionate once you hear her story.

The ad explained that a Young College female wanted to rent a family as t was her birthday.

The teen girl’s cradle day was up soon, and all she wanted for her birthday is a family and their love for the first ever time on her birthday- something that most of us take for granted.

She had never experience what a birthday party is like, particularly one in her honor- as she was a foster child.

Of course, foster children’s too need love and love is not limited to biological relations. For Natalie, it doesn’t matter who will the part of her temporary family- all she want it to get her that feeling of family for once. She claimed that she would pay $8 per person simply for that experience.

She had written in the ad that she just wanted to feel special as well as important for one day. She did not have a good birthday ever so wanted to make this one special.

As a child in foster system, she had to face more of abuse than getting any love from her foster parents- regularly moving from home to home. She says she used to be uncomfortable and fearful rather than being excited on her birthday.

The girl said that normally she just sleeps through the holidays and also her birthday.

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